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Thanks to its stockbreeding, León is at the same level as other areas in the North of the Iberian Peninsula renowned for the quality of their dairy products. Due to its name and international recognition, the most outstanding cheese is the Queso de Valdeón, a product with Protected Geographical Indication.

It is a blue-veined, full-fat cheese made of cow milk or with a blend of cow, sheep and goat’s milk. This product, with a strong aftertaste, has been made in the valley of Valdeón from time immemorial. Written evidence about it dates back to the 19th century by Pascual Madoz or the French traveler Saint-Saud. Another cheese also made in the province of León is the pata de mulo. It has a tubular form with a round or oval cut, and it is more compact and drier than the Queso de Burgos. It has a milky, wet, slightly tart and savory taste.

Did you know?

Queso de Valdeón (Valdeón cheese)

Queso Valdeon

With its strong flavor and intense scent, it offers a wide range of possibilities as the main ingredient of cheese sauces that accompany and improve fungi and meat recipes.