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The Manzana Reineta (“Reineta” Apple) from El Bierzo is the “queen” of fruits in León, and it was awarded the Designation of Origin classification. The history of this kind of apple and its introduction to El Bierzo is linked to the Roman Empire’s colonization of the area. Its production grew in the 12, 13 and 14th centuries, when it was grown in monasteries with attached gardens. Furthermore, during that period, the pilgrims at the Saint James’ Way (El Camino de Santiago) cited its exquisiteness in documents from that time, thus increasing the apple’s popularity.

Another fruit variety grown in this western region of the province is a pear called Pera Conferencial del Bierzo. This Fall fruit began its harvest in the eighties, due to the soil quality and the good climate conditions. It is juicy, smooth and adaptable to multiple culinary options. Moreover, El Bierzo counts with delicious cherries that can be eaten fresh or preserved.

Did you know?

Manzana reineta

Manzana Reineta

The Manzana Reineta from El Bierzo is a treasure whose appreciation is has grown immensely. Its success is partly due to the balance between sweet and sour flavors, its aroma and its juiciness.