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León, a rain fed, landlocked area, can take pride in including within its traditional recipes some fish dishes whose quality is as good as the plates from coastal areas. The province is located at the crossroads between the goods coming from the coastal regions of Galicia and Asturias, providers for the inland peninsular markets.

One of the star products is cod, preserved by salting, and prepared at the ajoarriero style, a dish that includes a delicious combination of this fish and paprika. But let us not forget the cod and chickpeas typical from Lent.

This is not the end of the cuisine repertoire from sea ports. León can also delight in other product that in the Leonese kitchens becomes a taste of heaven: the conger eel. The province, rich in Trout Rivers, can make the most out this fish through a list of meals only limited by the cook’s imagination. Trout is popular when fried (with or without marbling or bacon) or in a broth, although there are as many recipes as different tastes.