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León’s people are known for their appreciation of fine-quality meats, which are widely found in the province. Indeed, the exquisite flavor of the suckling lamb from the Teleno Mountains (Lechazo Montañas del Teleno), with its Guarantee Trademark, goes without saying. This meat is a supreme variety of the Lechazo de Castilla y León (this category is Castile and León’s suckling lamb’s official denomination and distinction). This meat from the Teleno Mountains is a tender, fat-free and yet juicy meat with a smooth texture, obtained from the breed of Churra sheep that graze by the Mount Teleno.

The veel from El Bierzo (Ternera del Bierzo) cannot be left out of our meals. The quality secret lies of this raw material lies in the natural feeding process. This consists of maternal milk until the weaning process four months later. The animal then gets gradually used to eating grass, hay, alfalfa and dry hay. Its bright, rosy meat has a white, slightly wet, dense fat with a thin texture. These characteristics have awarded it the Quality Brand distinction that acknowledges its excellence.

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Carnes de caza


León, a territory of nature if there ever was, features an extraordinary assortment of game meats from roe deer, wild boar, hare, partridge and quail.